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Teaching Methodology: our Teacher

To provide stimuli to the intellect of the child to earn and develop a love for learning, most modern methods of teaching are used. Use of Audio-Visual teaching aids like tape recorder ,DVD, projector, smart classes , computers etc., are emphasized to a large extent to make teaching learning process interesting and effective.

Teaching Staff:

Highly qualified & experienced teaching staff from all over India, dedicated to their profession and ready to bear any onus in the interest of the children, Language & subject workshop /seminars/ tutorials are conducted every now and then to hone the skills of teachers. Individuals attention is ensured maintaining teacher pupil ratio.

Our Teachers

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Rakhi Seth

Rakhi Seth

Qualification:-B.A & M.A

School Incharge

Kishan Rajput

Qualification :- Graduation

3rd class Teacher

Sports Incharge

Ajay Kumar

Qualification :- B.A & Civil Engineering

K.G-2 Class Teacher

Preeti Thakur

Qualification :- Graduation

Playway class Teacher

Stationary Incharge

Anupama Jha

Qualification :- Graduation

K.G-1 class Teacher

Sonika Gautam

Qualification :- M.A & B.Ed

6th Class Teacher

Assembly Incharge

Reetu Yadav

Qualification :- B.A & M.A

4th Class Teacher

Asha Thakur

Qualification :- B.sc & B.Ed

8th Class Teacher

Book Incharge

Sushma Gupta

Qualification :- Graduation

Activity & Uniform Incharge

Umesh Nagar

Qualification :- Graduation

5th Class Teacher

Mr. Salman Alvi

Qualification :- Graduation & Master of Arts (M.A)