Sport is an essential element of the Grange School compulsory curriculum in all classes. A broad range of sports are taught, including tennis, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, athletics, soccer, basketball and swimming. Lessons are taken by specialist staff as well as visiting coaches. Grange is continually expanding facilities to enable pupils to gain an increasingly rich variety of experiences and opportunities to develop not only their own skills in performance, creativity and craftsmanship, but also to develop their critical and appreciative faculties as members of an audience or as observers. There is in place an extensive programme which provides pupils with ample training to represent the school in matches and competitions against other international schools locally and internationally. In addition, all pupils participate in our annual inter-house sports competitions.


Music, features in every facet of life at Grange, from school assemblies to competitions and musical productions. The study of music informs our judgements and hones our analytical skills across the full range of subjects. At Grange, Music as an academic subject links all areas of scholarly life, from language to analysis, from composition to presentation. We aim to make links between different styles and ask questions such as “How does the music of the Baroque period reflect the opulence of the age?” or “If music is created using music technologies, do the elements of the art remain the same?” The study of music supports a kaleidoscope of different skills. Academically it pushes the boundaries and opens up a whole series of techniques. If you want to compose, you can; if you want to perform, you can; if you want to listen and appreciate, you can too or if you want to explore music and research it, this is also possible.